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LAN Security


When you were setting up your TCP/IP properties for your Internet access, make sure that you have no binding selected. In the network icon under control panel, there is a tab in TCP/IP protocol for your NIC called Bindings. Ensure that none of the items under bindings are checked. This should prevent intruders.

The following program will attempt a security check of your network. This security check will return a successful/unsuccessful message. If successful, you'll need to improve your security. This security check was provided by www.rootshell.com.

The software (NAT/Proxy) vendor you have chosen will also have security tips; however, no matter which solution you choose, I recommend you do some surfing so you can feel comfortable with the security of your network. If you really don't feel secure about your network, you can always install real firewall software. Most ISP's provide some level of security to their clients, and can detect some hostile acts. There are many hackers who would enjoy a tour of your network. Research security and eliminate intruders.

Additional Security

Everyday computers are being compromised.  There is a hardware solution for those willing to spend the few extra dollars to further enhance there computers security.  

You may also want to consider on of the following software internet security products:

BlackIce Defender, Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security






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