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Cable Modem LAN



Sharing your cable modem connection:

Comcast is a cable provider in the Chicagoland area. This system is a full duplex (two way) system, with both download and upload traffic flowing through the cable system. Your system may work differently and require a very different configuration.

Note: The following instructions are not the only way to create a network and connect to your ISP, however; I found this way to be the least complex and trouble free. This is a self-learned experience and I’m sharing my information with you, in hopes that your efforts will be minimized. These documents discuss a number of products and vendors. These are not promotional pages for these products. You may want to choose different vendors and/or products.

Steps needed to get everything connected together.

Have Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Connect computers into an Ethernet based Local Area Network (LAN).
Software to allow Internet sharing on all computers in the LAN.

Shopping list:

Network Interface Cards (NIC's):
One NIC for each computer (client) in the LAN
Multi-port Router:
100Mb  Note: insure that router has enough ports to support the number of computers which your are connecting in the LAN; otherwise, you'll need to add a hub or switch.     
10BaseT Cabling:
One 10BaseT cable for each NIC card connection to hub plus one 10BaseT cable for the NIC card connection to cable modem.




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